I am an alumna of Campbell University in Buies Creek, North Carolina.
At Campbell, I earned my BA in Graphic Design. 

My graphic design background has helped with creating illustrations and product designs. 

In addition to running Sage & Maya, I also run Maya Palmer Designs, which caters to the design needs of small business owners.


- Before becoming a part of our family, Sage lived with an Amish family! When we came to pick her up, we were able to see a real horse and buggy. So neat!

- Sage's mom's name was Chelsea, which is the name of the Cocker Spaniel that we had for 16 years before Sage. We think this is a sign that Sage was meant to be ours. 

- I have now drawn more than 100 pets! This includes dogs, cats, and even a horse. Some were a part of group portraits, while others were illustrated solo.

- The most unique pet name I've come across so far? A dog named Penny, who's nickname is "Pennifer Aniston."