Encouragement Challenge Day 8: Change Can Lead to Wonderful Blessings

In 2017, I designed a mug with the phrase “Change Can Lead to Wonderful Blessings.” I came up with this saying because as someone who is afraid of change, I can often use the reminder that it isn’t all bad. 

I think the reason that change can seem scary is that it disrupts our routines, takes us out of our comfort zones, and forces us to confront the reality that we can’t plan for everything in life. 

However, this isn’t the way that everyone views change. Some people openly seek change and embrace it with open arms. Others do everything they can to “keep things the same.” 

If you’re in that first category, today’s activity will be easy for you. If you’re in the second, I want to encourage you to take some time today to reflect on the benefits of change that you may not always see when you’re experiencing it.

So, answer this question: 

What’s one thing that has changed in your life for the better?

Change can be scary, discouraging, and difficult. But it can also lead to blessings that we never even saw coming.

Tomorrow, we’ll talk about letting go of our worries. 

- Maya