Encouragement Challenge Day 6: Choosing to Smile in the Face of Trials

Happy Monday!

Today’s topic is similar to what we discussed in Day 4 about finding joy in journey. However, this time we’re going to talk about our typical response to struggles.

Hardship in life is inevitable. This can be the small things, like a traffic jam on the way to work, or a pop quiz in class. Also consider the larger struggles, like major life changes.

How do you respond when things get tough? Be honest with yourself here, this activity is meant to encourage you to improve your mindset.

Now, answer this: How can you better respond in a way that is positive and encourages you to persevere?

I think that the answer to this question can be different for all of us. Perhaps for you it’s focusing on gratitude instead of complaining, praying about your worries, or going for a walk with the dog when you’ve had a stressful day.

Tomorrow, we’ll take a closer look at the topics of positivity and gratitude. 

- Maya