Encouragement Challenge Day 4: Choose to Find Joy in the Journey

“I will choose to find joy in the journey that God has set before me.”

From the first time that I saw this quote, it really hit home for me. The older I get, the more I have experienced that life doesn’t always go the way you think it will. 

We go through many seasons in life, and I think it can be easy to be happy and excited when things scare going our way, but get discouraged when things get tough. 

This quote reminds me that life is a journey - a process that takes time and is filled with lessons and experiences. It also reminds me that whether this season of life is exciting or rough (or both at the same time), there is always something to be joyful about and praise God for.

In the journal, I paired this topic with the Bible verse Philippians 4:13. This verse is one of my favorites; especially when taken into context with the verses around it. Paul talks about being able to endure any circumstance because his strength comes from Christ.

Now that I’ve shared what this topic means to me, it’s your turn to reflect. In your journal, write about:

1. Three things that you find difficult about your life right now.

2. Three things that you are grateful for.

People often say that journaling about your gratitude is such a helpful practice. I designed this activity this way because I love the contrast of talking about our struggles, but then reminding ourselves of all that we are thankful for.

Today, I want to encourage you to choose joy and gratitude in the midst of your struggles. Embrace the journey and, like we talked about on Day 1, just take things one day at a time.

- Maya


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