Encouragement Challenge Day 3: You are Loved

Do you remember the Love Languages test that was popular a few years ago? 

I think it was meant for couples, but people would also take it with their friends to see how they can better serve one another. 

I took the test in high school, and my top love language was quality time. Being able to spend time with friends and family is the greatest gift to me. 

Today’s activity has a similar concept to it, but instead of  taking a quiz, I’m just going to ask you to reflect on how you receive and give love. 

In your journal, answer the question: What makes you feel loved? 

Again, this doesn’t have to be in just a romantic sense. You can also think about what makes you feel appreciated at home and work, or when with friends.

Here are a few ideas:

Do you feel loved when someone takes your hints and gets you the gift you’ve been hoping for? Or how about when you don’t ask for anything and they surprise you?

Do you prefer to be encouraged through words, or do feel uncomfortable receiving praise?

Do you enjoy being helped, or does it make you happier when others need and seek help from you?

Once you are done answering question one, brainstorm at least 3 simple acts of kindness that you can do to remind others that they are love.

These don’t have to be anything big or expensive. For example, one of my friends once surprised me with my favorite Starbucks drink while I was studying. It only cost her about $5, but it made my day. 

BONUS CHALLENGE: Pick one of the 3 random acts of kindness that you wrote down and use it to remind a friend or family member that they are loved this week. 

Thanks for joining me today! I’ll see you all back here tomorrow at 11 am EST when the 4th post goes live. I can’t wait!

- Maya


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