Encouragement Challenge Day 10: Dream Big, Because You are Capable of Amazing Things

When I was creating this encouragement journal, I thought a lot about what I wanted the last topic to be. 

I eventually decided to go with the topic of chasing our dreams. We talked about making progress towards our goals on Day 5 of the challenge, but this time I’m talking about much larger goals.

I’m talking about the dreams so big that we are often afraid to admit them. The ones that we often put on the back burner because we believe that we “don’t have time right now” or “could never actually make it happen.”

Go ahead, write down your biggest dream in your journal.

Got it? Okay good. Now read this next line:

With the help of God, YOU are capable of amazing things. 

I have seen this quote floating around the internet, but I decided to add the “with the help of God” part to the beginning because I believe that through God, anything is possible.

Also, if our excuse is that we don’t think that we are capable of making our dreams reality because we don’t have the resources or knowledge, what excuse do we have if we know that God is with us?

Okay, so now that you have your dream written down, write down ONE step that you can take TODAY to start worrking towards it?

I only asked for one step so that yo can focus on gettng started without feeling overwhelmed, but feel free to make a plan after you have your first step identified.

So, this concludes my first-ever Encouragement Challenge. Thank you so much for joining me, I hope that you are finishing with a greater sense of encouragement than we began 10 days ago.

If you have any takeaways from the chllenge that you’d like to share, I’d love to hear from you! And if there’s something that you think I can do to make the journal and/or the challenge better next time around, tell me about that too.

Just send me an email at maya@mayapalmerdesigns.com.